January 13, 2015

I’m so happy to have some executioner groups ready for classics that molded me when I was an adolescent fucker. I adore the list and its just showing signs of improvement, man. I work with Butchered Records, Excised Vein, Sevared Records, Year Of The Sun, Killjoy Media, Slashed Foe, Pathologically Express and a couple of all the more in the discussions.


I track virtually everybody all alone. I adore what I do and wanna verify it kicks ass for everybody, so I always keep up on groups and the social networking scene to discover and track everybody down. It’s a full time work simply doing that ‚Äď heavenly crap!

Simply excessively terrible a ton of the scene has some languid groups and who simply couldn’t care less. Simply continue keepin’ on our main page.

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